Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you will have many questions. This section will be updated regularly.

There are a few things that you need. First you'll need a crypto exchange. Currently we are working with, HitBTC, Kraken. We are adding Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, Gemini and Bittrex. You'll need a crypto wallet like or there are a ton of great wallet apps for your mobile device. You will also need a authenticator that helps with making sure your crypto is safe. An authenticator provides a code that expires every 20 seconds or so. Most crypto exchanges and some bank sites require 2 Factor Authentication when logging in. It might seem burdensome at first but you will be glad to use it later on. Once you have the exchange account, crypto wallet and Authenticator you are ready to add the API keys and adjust your Exchange Settings page. There are step-by-step instructions guiding you through entering your API Keys on our Exchange Settings page. If you are having trouble with setting up and account on an exchange or getting a wallet, the easiest way to proceed is to search youtube. Most exchanges and wallets can be set up in a matter of minutes. The exchanges that we use require a valid photo identification like a drivers license.
You can but it would require multiple subscriptions. Email addresses and usernames would still need to be unique.
The easiest way to get funded is the exchange. There are numerous apps and wallets that sell crypto using fiat currency. If you have Bitcoin, you can trade it for USDT on the exchanges. It is necessary to have the cryptocurrency USDT (Tether) to initiate the trading.
The markets going "up and down" is a good thing. Volatility creates trading opportunities to profit.
You must be at least 18 years of age to be a user or an Affiliate or the at set determined by your country.
The initial payment process for your first subscription payment is the same as when you renew it monthly. You'll need to have a bitcoin wallet with bitcoin available to send. The QR code is there for mobile devices to scan, otherwise you'll need to use the buttons to copy the bitcoin quantity and the bitcoin address to send it to. It is critical that the amount of bitcoin matches the amount requested and that you send it to the bitcoin address displayed to you. It is a unique address exclusive to you. It is common to wait for your payment to process on the blockchain. After you have sent your payment, there is a link on that page that you can use to check the status of your payment. Once it is confirmed out system will recognize it and your account is activated.
Each subscription is good for 30 days. From time to time we may offer various promotions to extend promotions. the trading that we do will only take place once the account is activated and the subscription is current. If you ever want to stop using the service, you can simply stop paying for the subscription and/or remove the API Keys. The expiration date can be found on your Account tab. You will be notified in advance of the expiration date for renewal. Renewals are easy to do but they are not automatic.
Sure, if you have commissions available, you can do that. That is a great way to save on those pesky miner fees. There is a button for this.
You set the amount on the Exchange Settings tab in our Dashboard. When the Pro Trader you are following makes a trade that same Buy/Sell order is created for you but in the amount you have set. You can increase or decrease the amount at any time. It is advisable to allocate 8 to 15% of the total amount of the crypto that you want to trade as the "Per Trade Amount".
All taxes are based on laws where you live. Most countries have specific taxes for crypto trading. You should always consult a competent tax professional familiar with your country's tax laws.
There are a few things to consider here. The minimum amount per trade should be at least $30 for most trades to process. It should be higher to around $50 when you consider the subscription cost. Each exchange has its own trading fees and some exchanges decrease their fees with higher volume. The only upper limits are dictated by the Exchange, usually based on the KYC validation that you have completed. Crypto trading should NEVER be done with funds that you plan to use for bills, groceries or to use for living. It should be funding that would not change to day to day lifestyle if you lost it. Also, what is worthwhile to one user may not seem to be worthwhile for another.
Sometimes traders make 10-15 in a day. Other times those same traders may go days without making any trades at all. Both instances are considered normal. Everything depends on market conditions and market volatility. Each trader uses their own strategy that works for them.
Usually people are referred by an existing user. They should provide you with a referral code or referral link. If you don't have one, do a quick search online for "Copy Pro Traders Referral Code" or something similar. There will be plenty to choose from.
Right now we are exclusively Bitcoin. We will be adding other acceptable cryptos soon. It is all stated on the Join page.
Part of the sign up process is creating your own custom referral code / link. That link is located in your Account tab. Example:
Absolutely not. We want you to be a happy customer of our services first and foremost. If you choose to tell others about us, we think that's cool too.
Absolutely. We appreciate it. You can make your own business cards / webinars / web pages / etc. You can advertise yourself as an Affiliate but not as an employee. Keep in mind that all advertisements are reviewable by Copy Pro Traders and must be in line with corporate ideology. Most importantly, please note that if you set the tone that what we offer is "guaranteed income potential or anything similar to that, your account and Affiliate status will be swiftly terminated. We appreciate the advertising and it should be done conservatively with the understanding that there are no guarantees on investment or any kind of automated percentage daily returns. Let's keep the doors open.
You'll need to provide any Bitcoin wallet address for us to send commissions. Referral commissions are real time. Once the referral's invoice payment is confirmed the commission is viewable and available to you on your commissions tab. All of your commissions accumulate and you simply click the "Withdrawal" button to receive them anytime you want. Normal Miner fees apply so you'll want to consider that when making your withdrawal. The more you withdraw, the less significant the miner fees are.